Wednesday, December 5, 2007

my 7th month anniversary

12.00 am : Happy anniversary sayang!

ahh....7months.its been 7 months.seems short..after a 3years relationship. 7 fresh months. 7 fun months. Isn't life great?

12.03 am : Stomach growled.

12.31 am : ZzZzZzZzZz

8.31 am : Stirred from bed.

Beep beep.

Jesus! Give me a break..
1 message received
opening message..
-good morning sayang!

9.45 am : *Ring Ring*

-come to the workshop now!
-but what if I can't start the car?
-just try.
-I want to take bath first.
-okay. make it fast!

10.05 am : stayed in workshop

11.00 am : got my car from the workshop. New tyres. New battery.awesome.

lazed around till 12.00pm.
Dont get me wrong. I like studying. I like learning new things.sounds nerdy? i know. but still love college but not when I have to travel 2 long hours to college.

home - ktm = 20minutes
ktm sbg - ktm kl sentral = 25minutes
lrt kl sentral - lrt tmn melati = 25minutes
lrt tmn melati - college = 20minutes

total = 1hour 30minutes

If im lucky,that is. If not, i'll have to wait for hours for the ktm train to arrive. You know how malaysia works. God, how much I miss high school..and how I take it for granted. Takes only 5minutes to school and I skip school like almost EVERYDAY.

2.00 pm : English class started.

2.15 pm :

Mr Santa : okay...let's get started on our lesson...turn to page 158..where is your book,young man? you know, i used to have a friend bla bla bla...yap yap yap....blee blaa bloo...

3.30pm :

Mr. Santa : okay...that's it for today. thank you for coming. wake up suet teng and remember, no more skipping class. I can't cover for you all the time.

SuetTheChomel : *yawn* yes sir.thanks alot.i appreciate are the best! bye!!

English class is a bore. really.

5.00 pm : ahh....sampai subang.udara yang penuh dengan masalah.

called my boyfriend and picked him up from work so we could have a little minum petang at kopitiam. It rained heavily. I ordered Xi Mut Milk Tea. Cant resist those. and a set of roti bakar.My boyfriend ordered mee goreng and fries.

why would wanna know any of those.

bla bla bla bla...rain stopped...bla bla bla...

reached home.wanted to lepak.
called fatin=no can with ali..
called rysa=no can in bad mood.
called kyrue=no answer
called boyfriend=sleeping

jesus!!! why is it when im available, no one else is.
so i watched tv..
browsed around in myspace..
more tv...
made menu for my dinner party this saturday..
more tv..its mystery woman bookstore now.
started this blog.
im a boring person.i know.dont blame me.