Monday, August 31, 2009


I cut myself two weeks ago while deboning a lamb rack. Got myself 2 stitches.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dumb FHM and Awesome Adiwira

Still feeling sick and its been more than a week already! I'm slowly getting better (or so I think) but never healthy.Darn it!

I went to FHM last Thursday, for those who don't know, FHM(Food & Hotel Malaysia) is an event held every year mainly for competition that has got anything got to do with food and hotel. Mostly participated by people from the food and hotel industry and students. All kinds of competition were held from hot kitchen to bartending to table setting.
I did not go there to pay RM5 and watch the cooking competition but I was there for being a free labor for them. We were told that we were "lucky" to be choosen to help out for the event and we were all excited thinking "yay! money coming in! we will be paid right? we have to be" and by we, I refer to Taylor's student. So, happily waiting for the day to come only to find out on that day itself that we will not be paid. So fine, tak ape la least we get the chance to watch the competition and stuff and get to learn something new from there, make new connection.

When we were there, we were divided into a few groups to help different things. I was surpose to help the bartending section, so that means I get to watch the Mocktails&Cocktail competition. Then, I saw that Taylor's is under the silver sponsor. What did Taylor's sponsored? Yes, tenaga manusia. Dah la tak inform kita yang kita nih akan dijadikan kuli batak dieorg. Tapi takpe, since that we are already there, kite pun buat je la kerja yang diamanahkan.I worked from 12 until 5 non stop watching other students dapat jalan-jalan tangkap gambar makanan-makanan. So I pun pelik kenapa I kena kerja tapi dieorg dapat jalan-jalan. Pastu, I dapat tahu rupanye, kerja dieorg adalah bagitau jaga makanan2 display. Hekeleh...gile not fair.

Tapi takpe lagi, I sabar...pastu I tengok tengok jam, dah pukul 3 petang, perut pun mula rasa lapar, jadi I cari cikgu mintak break nak pergi makan. AND GUESS WHAT. NO BREAK FOR US. gile wtf right...We only get our break after we finish our job and no, they did not provide food for us. I was bloody pissed by then. Dah la tak bayar gaji, some of us dapat lepak-lepak, some kena kerja, takde break plak tuh and tak bagi makan! Ape nih, dah la I demam time tuh, and no food means I can't take my medicine. Bodoh nak mampus.

When the bartending competition ends, we have to go KLCC and get our own food. Tuh pun nasib baik we cabut lari untuk pergi makan. I spent RM10 for food. At least bagi lah duit untuk bagi makan kan!! Bengang gile I. On the way back, many of us planned to skip the next day. Yes, we were surpose to help out the next day too. Total about 40 of us will ponteng the next day. Haha. padan muke korang short orang on friday.

Later that night, I found out that they do provide food but finished before 3pm and non of us has eaten yet. Then bile kawan I complaint kat orang i charge, boleh die buat muka terkejut tapi tak buat pape. So its not our fault that so many of us don't wanna workt the next day. Can't blame us for that. Boohoo!

I did manage to run around taking some picture before they clear everthing though.

Chocolate Dragon
Chocolate Tarantula and Elephant

And this is my favourite! Check out the details! Totally awesome. Its Ratatouille!

On Friday, I went over to this gudang were my friend's brother in law was shooting and indie movie called Adiwira. Apparently, he drew a comic when he was young and named it Adiwira and he planned to make a movie out of it when he grow up. Now, he's grown up and now, he's shooting the movie. Congrats! It was totally awesome and lookout for the movie when its done!!
Of course I took some pictures but as usual, I'm too lazy to upload some. So, just look out for the movie! and give some support. Merci beaucoup!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6days and counting

Being sick for 6 days is no where near fun! My cold is so bad that my ears are all swelled up and my throat's skin are tearing up. Is that even possible? NOT FUN! NOT FUN AT ALL

I went to cameron on saturday, a school trip and all I remember was blowing my nose, covering my nose, coughing, eating porridge and did I mention blowing my nose?
I slept the whole time in the bus, hence, limited picture. T_T Oh! Oh! I remember buying some stuff..more like nescino, flowers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, of course, corn and some sweet potatoes and god! was the corn sweet and juicy!!

That should be all for cameron, since I dont remember most of it..Then, on sunday, we celebrated Irene's birthday~
Her aunty made this two yummy food!

One is of course, my favourite! Ayam rendang..

And this is called "kolak" . It contains banana,ubi kentang, "sok ee"and some misc. stuff
We played some games and thats it. I'm not a good blogger, when I'm sitting facing the laptop, my mind goes blank. Why is it that my sis is the world famous blogger and I can't seem to blog. I wanna earn some cash too! So, anyone have any idea on how to blog, do let me know!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bonjour Malaisie!

I really should start writing seriously. For one, my English is getting worse by the day. Anyhowwww, I'm back to school and this term, I'm learning French! Now, listen.

Bonjour Malaisie! Je m'appelle Sharon. Je suis etudiante au Brevet de Technicien Hotellerie. J'ai vingt ans. Comment allez vous?

You can say that that's basicly all I know. It's two line now but give me a few more month, you'll think I'm a french girl with mata sepet! Oh ya! Before I forget, I'm looking for people who can speak french! Come talk to me. I seriously need to brush up my french!

Last thursday, me and Fatin went to Loft. No, we don't club. We're not clubbers material. We're much more like losers than clubbers. BELIEVE ME. We were there to support our dear friend raeesa for her competition Most Wanted Ruummate! and she won Most Stylish and 2nd Runner-Up! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! And she shaved her head like Ciara. Probably helped her in winning Most Stylish.

Moving on, I finished reading the whole colection of Twilight Saga and read half of her fifth book! The Midnight Sun. That should be all for now, like I've mentioned before, there's really nothing interesting about me....except that I karaoke now! Teehee..

Au revoir et a bientot!