Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plentiful 5 months

updates! updates!
Now it's about time!

1. Now in my final term! one more month till my graduation!
2. My phone is giving me trouble again.
3. My grandma passed away. :(
4. I'm going to Sabah in July!
5. Raeesa dumped her boyfriend.
6. Raeesa got a new arrival.
7. My sister refuse to get me an ice cream maker.
8. Made a 2 tier cake for mother's day.
9. Made some french vanilla ice cream.
10. Made more cinnamon rolls.
11. My boyfriend got the first pay check from his new company.
12. Discover The Lonely Island.
13. Planned birthday party for my boyfriend. Got free tequila,whisky and wine!
14. Wishing for a blackberry bold 2. *hint hint*
15. Sister is coming back for summer break.
16. Refurnish my room.
17. Got myself a new shades.
18. Stressed over unfinished report that's due next week.
19. Hoping for miracles to take place.
20. Hopping to get rid of forever-increasing-fats in a blink of an eye.
That's all for now, i suppose.
See you in another 5months.haha

Friday, January 8, 2010

أبو ظبي دبيّ

I shall summarize my whole trip to Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
I spent my remaining week of 2009 in the U.A.E.

Day 1In Air Asia X. 1 not for 1malaysia but for the 1st time me and my brother get to travel outside Malaysia.
Just touchdown. They have camel in the airport!

Day 2
At my daddy's villa. At the balcony.Went to Marina Mall at noon.Pakistani food on the first chilly night. Felt in love with hummus.

Day 3

Souk Madinat JumeirahMall of The Emirates

Burj Al Arab

Day 4

Heritage VillageCycling at the Corniche
3 more days to my Rihanna babeh!!

Day 5
Love in The Palm
Atlantis QueenBurj Dubai & tiny insignificant buildings

Day 6

Dune Jumping!!Sunset at the duneBelly dancing in the night

Day 7

You all know what happens next ;-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food carving

I did some food carving during my training in Cold Kitchen!

My first try

Second try with white radish

My third try with carrot

And I'm an expert already! It's a red rose from beetroot.

Just kidding. It was done by the chef.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pastry kitchen

It's been a week and half since I'm back. I've done all the errands and now I can finally update my long forgotten blog! hooray.

Let us all begin with my third week during my training. I was sick, very very ill. I had very high fever and very bad food poisoning which result in 4days MC. So I practically missed the whole week of being in Pastry Kitchen. I was so sick that I lost my weight(which I gained back and more in about 3days) I couldn't stop vomitting even after I finished my medication and I lost all appetite on food(I couldn't even finish maggie cup).That was bad. The fact that I gained more weight than before after I was healthy T__T

Pastry kitchen was very relaxing with two gay pastry chef. On my third day of being sick, I went to work and the chef was very kind to let me go after 3 hours of working and holding in the feeling of vomitting. He was afraid I would vomit on all of his precious cookies and cakes.haha.

Nerissa and I was doing our practical together in pastry kitchen. We had lots of fun, curi tulang by hiding in their walk-in chiller while stealing food. I guess there's where I got my weight from. T__T.

We camwhore alot in the kitchen.
Don't remember why we pose like that.

Our beloved Pastry Chef Sooi who ignore us camwhoring,stealing food all the way.

It was really cold in there.Sorry for the blur picture. We just couldn't stop laughing like silly girls.

Muffins we baked together with Chef Lim

Cookies I almost vomited on.

There's more picture but I guess you wouldn't be interested in.

During my last week there, I was praised by the exec chef for being awesome! I was making the gingerbread and chicken pie all by myself and at the same time. quote " Waa...we never had a trainee that could handle baking all by themself even after 2weeks in the kitchen.They're here only helping out the chefs. On top of that, you even learned to multi-task. I'm impressed" and I was over the moon. And he sign my appraisal. =D

So, kitchen = success!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I be back!

You know this day will come.
I know this day will come.
We know this day will come.
The day where my industrial training ends! This is by far the best thing ever happen this year. Lots of shit happened. I shall post everything here but first. I shall go enjoy my moments back home. The wonders of own bed. The feeling of waking up late. The missing feeling where I go toilet in the middle of the night without worrying of being stared by ghost. The freedom of having a car.

Till then.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here I am

Happy One Week Anniversary ma maison belle!

I'm assigned to go to the Adventure Zone Department for my first two weeks in Golden Sands Resort in Batu Ferrenghi. Adventure Zone is a play area for kids to hang out and play while their parents are out having some real fun. We have three major slides here.

Oops...can't upload much due to the super slow internet connection here. Working in Adventure Zone is fun in a way that you get to meet so many different type of children personality. I do have a few favourite kids.

Now, my hostel is an ugly place. really but it is much better and comfortable after major cleaning up. The good side is that it is near to kfc, mamak, harware shop, several mini mart, sport shop, super long bazaar(something like petaling street and of course, most importantly, the resort itself.

That's all for now, the internet is killing me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I so need a checklist or I'll end up bringing my whole, not enough space. I'll bring my whole house. Or I'll end up bringing everything that's not important and nothing that is important. Gosh, why can't they just move the whole resort here to subang.

1. Kitchen jacket
2. Kitchen shoe
3. Court shoe
4. a pair of heels (gray gladiator heels)
5. 2 Black working pants
6. black sandal (wearing)
7. black shorts
8. gray shorts
9. new silk pajamas (maybe)
10. leo shirt (as pajamas)
11. smk usj13(as pajamas)
12. levi's shorts
13. green polo
14. miss selfridge dress
15. gray top
16. brown sweater
17. sg wang jeans (wearing)
18. college shirt
19. pail
20. laptop
21. computer games (duh)
22. bolster
23. pillow
24. small pillow
25. blanket
27. make up
28. watch
29. sun block
30. soap
31. pencuci baju
32. bathroom amenities (consist of lots of things)
33. turquoise spaghetti strap
34. puma cap
35. PSR report format
36. phone charger
37. brush
38. hair brush
39. white spaghetti
40. blue spaghetti
41. suksek jersey
42. kitshen top
43. dark blue top
44. leggings
45. yellow bf top
46. black,white and bronze headband
47. red tshirt (as pajamas)
48. air freshener
49. panadol
50. undergarments (duh)
51. shades

this should be all. I seriously can't afford to add more stuff. It's a good thing I'll be going there in a car. I can't imagine how it'll be if I were to go there by bus or train! Imagine me carrying at least to bag, a pail and pillows and blankets.

Oh!! I forgot..
52. bath towel

what else..what else...this should be it. anymore, i'll simply ask my mom to pos laju everything.