Monday, December 14, 2009

Pastry kitchen

It's been a week and half since I'm back. I've done all the errands and now I can finally update my long forgotten blog! hooray.

Let us all begin with my third week during my training. I was sick, very very ill. I had very high fever and very bad food poisoning which result in 4days MC. So I practically missed the whole week of being in Pastry Kitchen. I was so sick that I lost my weight(which I gained back and more in about 3days) I couldn't stop vomitting even after I finished my medication and I lost all appetite on food(I couldn't even finish maggie cup).That was bad. The fact that I gained more weight than before after I was healthy T__T

Pastry kitchen was very relaxing with two gay pastry chef. On my third day of being sick, I went to work and the chef was very kind to let me go after 3 hours of working and holding in the feeling of vomitting. He was afraid I would vomit on all of his precious cookies and cakes.haha.

Nerissa and I was doing our practical together in pastry kitchen. We had lots of fun, curi tulang by hiding in their walk-in chiller while stealing food. I guess there's where I got my weight from. T__T.

We camwhore alot in the kitchen.
Don't remember why we pose like that.

Our beloved Pastry Chef Sooi who ignore us camwhoring,stealing food all the way.

It was really cold in there.Sorry for the blur picture. We just couldn't stop laughing like silly girls.

Muffins we baked together with Chef Lim

Cookies I almost vomited on.

There's more picture but I guess you wouldn't be interested in.

During my last week there, I was praised by the exec chef for being awesome! I was making the gingerbread and chicken pie all by myself and at the same time. quote " Waa...we never had a trainee that could handle baking all by themself even after 2weeks in the kitchen.They're here only helping out the chefs. On top of that, you even learned to multi-task. I'm impressed" and I was over the moon. And he sign my appraisal. =D

So, kitchen = success!

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