Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food carving

I did some food carving during my training in Cold Kitchen!

My first try

Second try with white radish

My third try with carrot

And I'm an expert already! It's a red rose from beetroot.

Just kidding. It was done by the chef.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pastry kitchen

It's been a week and half since I'm back. I've done all the errands and now I can finally update my long forgotten blog! hooray.

Let us all begin with my third week during my training. I was sick, very very ill. I had very high fever and very bad food poisoning which result in 4days MC. So I practically missed the whole week of being in Pastry Kitchen. I was so sick that I lost my weight(which I gained back and more in about 3days) I couldn't stop vomitting even after I finished my medication and I lost all appetite on food(I couldn't even finish maggie cup).That was bad. The fact that I gained more weight than before after I was healthy T__T

Pastry kitchen was very relaxing with two gay pastry chef. On my third day of being sick, I went to work and the chef was very kind to let me go after 3 hours of working and holding in the feeling of vomitting. He was afraid I would vomit on all of his precious cookies and cakes.haha.

Nerissa and I was doing our practical together in pastry kitchen. We had lots of fun, curi tulang by hiding in their walk-in chiller while stealing food. I guess there's where I got my weight from. T__T.

We camwhore alot in the kitchen.
Don't remember why we pose like that.

Our beloved Pastry Chef Sooi who ignore us camwhoring,stealing food all the way.

It was really cold in there.Sorry for the blur picture. We just couldn't stop laughing like silly girls.

Muffins we baked together with Chef Lim

Cookies I almost vomited on.

There's more picture but I guess you wouldn't be interested in.

During my last week there, I was praised by the exec chef for being awesome! I was making the gingerbread and chicken pie all by myself and at the same time. quote " Waa...we never had a trainee that could handle baking all by themself even after 2weeks in the kitchen.They're here only helping out the chefs. On top of that, you even learned to multi-task. I'm impressed" and I was over the moon. And he sign my appraisal. =D

So, kitchen = success!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I be back!

You know this day will come.
I know this day will come.
We know this day will come.
The day where my industrial training ends! This is by far the best thing ever happen this year. Lots of shit happened. I shall post everything here but first. I shall go enjoy my moments back home. The wonders of own bed. The feeling of waking up late. The missing feeling where I go toilet in the middle of the night without worrying of being stared by ghost. The freedom of having a car.

Till then.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here I am

Happy One Week Anniversary ma maison belle!

I'm assigned to go to the Adventure Zone Department for my first two weeks in Golden Sands Resort in Batu Ferrenghi. Adventure Zone is a play area for kids to hang out and play while their parents are out having some real fun. We have three major slides here.

Oops...can't upload much due to the super slow internet connection here. Working in Adventure Zone is fun in a way that you get to meet so many different type of children personality. I do have a few favourite kids.

Now, my hostel is an ugly place. really but it is much better and comfortable after major cleaning up. The good side is that it is near to kfc, mamak, harware shop, several mini mart, sport shop, super long bazaar(something like petaling street and of course, most importantly, the resort itself.

That's all for now, the internet is killing me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I so need a checklist or I'll end up bringing my whole, not enough space. I'll bring my whole house. Or I'll end up bringing everything that's not important and nothing that is important. Gosh, why can't they just move the whole resort here to subang.

1. Kitchen jacket
2. Kitchen shoe
3. Court shoe
4. a pair of heels (gray gladiator heels)
5. 2 Black working pants
6. black sandal (wearing)
7. black shorts
8. gray shorts
9. new silk pajamas (maybe)
10. leo shirt (as pajamas)
11. smk usj13(as pajamas)
12. levi's shorts
13. green polo
14. miss selfridge dress
15. gray top
16. brown sweater
17. sg wang jeans (wearing)
18. college shirt
19. pail
20. laptop
21. computer games (duh)
22. bolster
23. pillow
24. small pillow
25. blanket
27. make up
28. watch
29. sun block
30. soap
31. pencuci baju
32. bathroom amenities (consist of lots of things)
33. turquoise spaghetti strap
34. puma cap
35. PSR report format
36. phone charger
37. brush
38. hair brush
39. white spaghetti
40. blue spaghetti
41. suksek jersey
42. kitshen top
43. dark blue top
44. leggings
45. yellow bf top
46. black,white and bronze headband
47. red tshirt (as pajamas)
48. air freshener
49. panadol
50. undergarments (duh)
51. shades

this should be all. I seriously can't afford to add more stuff. It's a good thing I'll be going there in a car. I can't imagine how it'll be if I were to go there by bus or train! Imagine me carrying at least to bag, a pail and pillows and blankets.

Oh!! I forgot..
52. bath towel

what else..what else...this should be it. anymore, i'll simply ask my mom to pos laju everything.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Kelip-kelip, bulan ramadhan pun sudah lepas. No more bazaar, no more tepung pelita and onde-onde and caramel. Oddly enough that there's no putu piring this year in Bazzar 4. Someone, tell me why.

As usual, I spent my malam sebelum raya and pagi raya in my boyfriend's.
He got teary during the salam-salam thing and I absolutely love his baju melayu I hand picked for him. Really really comfortable and I would never ever ever return back to Masjid India again. EVER. If I have to drive to Seremban 2 to get my baju kurung, so be it. If I have to pay more than RM100 when I can get it for half price in Masjid India...on second thoughts..hmm..

Congratulation rayyan!! You cried this year.Haha, this means you're old enough. He couldn't stop crying even after the salam-salam thing.

Only the other day, my friend, Fatin met with an accident near ss15 and was carried away to the police station in the police car. Fatin, i'm so gonna say this again, sejahat-jahat aku, aku tak pernah duk backseat kete polis..hahahahah....and kalu aku nampak mesti aku turunkan tingkap kete aku dan tanya, "dik, bape sejam? apa servis yang ada?main 4 orang punya lu buat ka?"
haihh, kesian aku tengok kau, asyik dilanda kemalangan. maybe you macam apa name perempuan tuh.....alaa, yang dalam twilight tuh..hah! Bella dan aku nih macam Edward sebab ko cakap aku nih wangi time kita kat kopitiam bersama Farisha dan Ernie so don't deny it I have witnesses, terima kasih.

My grandpa just brought a crocs and it is AWESOME! Jakun aku tengok.
My other friend, Raeesa, dah balik Vietnam sempena Hari Raya nih, and I'm in charge to take care of her Punklet and Ya Allah, Raeesa!! Kucing ko nih berak merata!!! bengang aku kene sapu..You better get me awesome souvenir!

Friday, September 18, 2009


In a few more days, I'll be leaving for Penang. Yes, PENANG. Food heaven.
Matilah aku..seriously, I'll come back with my three other friends.

Meet Belly Fat, Butt Fat and Arm Fat.

I'll be there for three months doing my second industrial training in Golden Sands Resort.
I'll be staying in their hostel with Michelle. It's like National Service all over again.

Monday, August 31, 2009


I cut myself two weeks ago while deboning a lamb rack. Got myself 2 stitches.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dumb FHM and Awesome Adiwira

Still feeling sick and its been more than a week already! I'm slowly getting better (or so I think) but never healthy.Darn it!

I went to FHM last Thursday, for those who don't know, FHM(Food & Hotel Malaysia) is an event held every year mainly for competition that has got anything got to do with food and hotel. Mostly participated by people from the food and hotel industry and students. All kinds of competition were held from hot kitchen to bartending to table setting.
I did not go there to pay RM5 and watch the cooking competition but I was there for being a free labor for them. We were told that we were "lucky" to be choosen to help out for the event and we were all excited thinking "yay! money coming in! we will be paid right? we have to be" and by we, I refer to Taylor's student. So, happily waiting for the day to come only to find out on that day itself that we will not be paid. So fine, tak ape la least we get the chance to watch the competition and stuff and get to learn something new from there, make new connection.

When we were there, we were divided into a few groups to help different things. I was surpose to help the bartending section, so that means I get to watch the Mocktails&Cocktail competition. Then, I saw that Taylor's is under the silver sponsor. What did Taylor's sponsored? Yes, tenaga manusia. Dah la tak inform kita yang kita nih akan dijadikan kuli batak dieorg. Tapi takpe, since that we are already there, kite pun buat je la kerja yang diamanahkan.I worked from 12 until 5 non stop watching other students dapat jalan-jalan tangkap gambar makanan-makanan. So I pun pelik kenapa I kena kerja tapi dieorg dapat jalan-jalan. Pastu, I dapat tahu rupanye, kerja dieorg adalah bagitau jaga makanan2 display. Hekeleh...gile not fair.

Tapi takpe lagi, I sabar...pastu I tengok tengok jam, dah pukul 3 petang, perut pun mula rasa lapar, jadi I cari cikgu mintak break nak pergi makan. AND GUESS WHAT. NO BREAK FOR US. gile wtf right...We only get our break after we finish our job and no, they did not provide food for us. I was bloody pissed by then. Dah la tak bayar gaji, some of us dapat lepak-lepak, some kena kerja, takde break plak tuh and tak bagi makan! Ape nih, dah la I demam time tuh, and no food means I can't take my medicine. Bodoh nak mampus.

When the bartending competition ends, we have to go KLCC and get our own food. Tuh pun nasib baik we cabut lari untuk pergi makan. I spent RM10 for food. At least bagi lah duit untuk bagi makan kan!! Bengang gile I. On the way back, many of us planned to skip the next day. Yes, we were surpose to help out the next day too. Total about 40 of us will ponteng the next day. Haha. padan muke korang short orang on friday.

Later that night, I found out that they do provide food but finished before 3pm and non of us has eaten yet. Then bile kawan I complaint kat orang i charge, boleh die buat muka terkejut tapi tak buat pape. So its not our fault that so many of us don't wanna workt the next day. Can't blame us for that. Boohoo!

I did manage to run around taking some picture before they clear everthing though.

Chocolate Dragon
Chocolate Tarantula and Elephant

And this is my favourite! Check out the details! Totally awesome. Its Ratatouille!

On Friday, I went over to this gudang were my friend's brother in law was shooting and indie movie called Adiwira. Apparently, he drew a comic when he was young and named it Adiwira and he planned to make a movie out of it when he grow up. Now, he's grown up and now, he's shooting the movie. Congrats! It was totally awesome and lookout for the movie when its done!!
Of course I took some pictures but as usual, I'm too lazy to upload some. So, just look out for the movie! and give some support. Merci beaucoup!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6days and counting

Being sick for 6 days is no where near fun! My cold is so bad that my ears are all swelled up and my throat's skin are tearing up. Is that even possible? NOT FUN! NOT FUN AT ALL

I went to cameron on saturday, a school trip and all I remember was blowing my nose, covering my nose, coughing, eating porridge and did I mention blowing my nose?
I slept the whole time in the bus, hence, limited picture. T_T Oh! Oh! I remember buying some stuff..more like nescino, flowers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, of course, corn and some sweet potatoes and god! was the corn sweet and juicy!!

That should be all for cameron, since I dont remember most of it..Then, on sunday, we celebrated Irene's birthday~
Her aunty made this two yummy food!

One is of course, my favourite! Ayam rendang..

And this is called "kolak" . It contains banana,ubi kentang, "sok ee"and some misc. stuff
We played some games and thats it. I'm not a good blogger, when I'm sitting facing the laptop, my mind goes blank. Why is it that my sis is the world famous blogger and I can't seem to blog. I wanna earn some cash too! So, anyone have any idea on how to blog, do let me know!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bonjour Malaisie!

I really should start writing seriously. For one, my English is getting worse by the day. Anyhowwww, I'm back to school and this term, I'm learning French! Now, listen.

Bonjour Malaisie! Je m'appelle Sharon. Je suis etudiante au Brevet de Technicien Hotellerie. J'ai vingt ans. Comment allez vous?

You can say that that's basicly all I know. It's two line now but give me a few more month, you'll think I'm a french girl with mata sepet! Oh ya! Before I forget, I'm looking for people who can speak french! Come talk to me. I seriously need to brush up my french!

Last thursday, me and Fatin went to Loft. No, we don't club. We're not clubbers material. We're much more like losers than clubbers. BELIEVE ME. We were there to support our dear friend raeesa for her competition Most Wanted Ruummate! and she won Most Stylish and 2nd Runner-Up! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! And she shaved her head like Ciara. Probably helped her in winning Most Stylish.

Moving on, I finished reading the whole colection of Twilight Saga and read half of her fifth book! The Midnight Sun. That should be all for now, like I've mentioned before, there's really nothing interesting about me....except that I karaoke now! Teehee..

Au revoir et a bientot!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All things must come to an end

It's been forever again. This time, lots has happened.really
Broke up with my boyfriend, had a romanian guy,ended things with him,went back to my boyfriend. Lots of drama in between. Finished my industrial training. Few got terminated a day before graduation. In conclusion,

Finally! Now I'm free everyday until this weekend. I'll be in Tioman Island sipping Pina Colada~ in a tub with Eric and Daniel. that Eric would be Fatin and Daniel would be Raeesa. See you later, aligator.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're all cats

Today, is the end of my first week of me working in the Housekeeping Department.
I've been cleaning rooms, making beds and washing the toilet for a week now. You can say I'm good in washing the toilet. I'm up for hire! Anyone?
ngeh heh heh...
I'm serious..
It is tiring...very tiring compared to concierge,lounge and business center cause for the first time ever, I'm actually doing something and not stand and stare into empty spaces thinking about the names I'm going to give for my future babies.
Feast your eyes on some kitty cat pictures dedicated to our dear friend, RAEESA SYAHIRAH
jeng jeng jeng..
Ima pweety cat!Fatin's a mintak penampar cat!

Ima Shy Cat
Fatin's a Gangsta CatIma Fierce CatFatin's a Hungry Cat
We the real cats! From our little mama

Monday, May 11, 2009

And so I thought

What happens after the Concierge Department?
After 3 weeks standing behind the Concierge Desk serving guests, it was boring and tiring for my feet. So when the end of 3weeks, I thought hooray! no more boring days, no more standing and smiling like an idiot.

I thought working at Cafe Lounge will be fun since I'll be taking orders, serving drinks,making drinks, sending bills just like when at Pizza Uno. But OT(Oh Tuhanku,taken from Aku Tak Peduli), it is even worse compared to Concierge Department. Working at the lounge is the boring-est job ever! not only i have to stand there smiling like an idiot, i can't do anything else! Because of recession, there isn't much guest around, so there's nothing to do. But when the GM pass by or lepak there, i have to pretend im doing something.

Plus, I have to wear an over oversized uniform since they do not have anything smaller. So basicly im like a small girl in big daddy's shirt hanging around the lounge pretending to be busy. How bad is that? VERY!

I do not have any pictures to show but gawd how much i miss the concierge least i can go online or text my boyfriend whenever im bored. damn damn damn. two weeks passed, now im one last week to go! After that ill be heading to the Housekeeping Department and Business Centre Department.

Other than that, theres nothing much to report on. Only that during Shook's birthday, I drank tequila shots! Im so proud of myself....It was my first shot in my entire life.teehee.*culture shock*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Giveaway Contest!!
Closing Date : 8th May 2009

Alice Wonders came up with this great idea, a pursehook!
What is it all about?
Have you face a problem of not knowing where to place your purse when dining out?
Well, heres the answer to all your problem!
Just hook it on the table! Now here's a space saving, comfortable solution. Plus, you wont ever forgot to get your purse after you've done your eating! Totally awesome!
And........comes in 10 different design!

Theres also another promotion going on
The Mother's Day Promotion
Get a bag from Alice Wonders, and get a pursehook totally FOC!!
Promotion ends 31st May 2009
Now here's one reason to get a new bag, and perhaps a bag for your mom too!

For more info, check out Diary Of An E-Shopaholic!

Monday, April 13, 2009

More to come

As usual, due to my lack of updates many things happened. Since i sprained my ankle, i did not do much that week. So i practically wasted my whole holiday week by lying around here and there, crawling around the house.

On the 4th and 5th of April, i went to watch F1 in Sepang. Got free tickets from I got the Hillstand ticket but hey, better than nothing right. My spot was the area that banyak accident are fond to happen and true enough I witnessed an accident! YAY! I do not have pictures from the F1 now but will update soon! After the f1 thing ( the race ended early due to heavy rain), jamiroquai performed but sadly i went back early cause it was raining heavily and it was all muddy and sticky. People said the concert was awesome. Wished i stayed longer..

Secondly, I started my industrial training already in Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers. Why Sheraton? Well, simply because im Sharon and my name rhymes Sheraton! I will be at the concierge desk for the first three week. Im on my second week now.
In Sheraton, we have hairstyles rules. I have to tie my hair in a french twist! Gile ke ape...rambut i da la tebal, lembut and berat! (bukan nak puji diri-sendiri tetapi itulah hakikatnye) Macam mane I nk ikat rambut camtuh tiap-tiap hari?! Fatin did my hair on the first day just to show me how to do it right. She used about 30 bobby pins and a bottle of hair spray just so my hair won't fall!

It was pretty and awesome!! but i can't afford to tie my hair like that everyday! Rosak rambut i..
Penat tahu tak nak kene berdiri macam orang bodoh dan senyum seorang-seorang!

This is my view every single night.

During the night, things can get really really slow but thank god for great performance by angelique! They do really cheer me up especially the shemale dancing to Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls! I can't seems to find their picture anywhere online. I'm not surprised. It was awesome when that gigantic shemale do the PCD signature dance.woot woot!

And people! Listen up! Visit SARKAS !
It's a preloved online blogshop from me and my dear friend, Fatin.
And soon, we'll be catering crocs, nike dunk high or low, bags, belts, watches and everthing else way cheaper than it's retail price! They will be 99% authentic. 99% because they won't come with an authenticity card! So if you guys see anything out there that you can't seems to find in Malaysia or can't afford their price or refuse to spend that much, look for me!

That's all from me today! Will try to update more soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My ankle

I sprained my ankle!! T________T
I sprained my ankle while playing badminton yesterday.
This is exactly what happen. I'll illustrate it with pictures for easier understanding..
No, forget it...its way too hard to draw on paint without using any mouse..
but here's a picture of my ankle.
The bengkak is three times the size wey!!
This is the first time i sprain my im a way..
When it happened, i could hear my ankle go kreeeek! like in the you cracking you knuckles, only you crack 20 of your knuckles at the same time!
I planned to bake something today..too bad i got a sprained ankle..i have to hop around the house.. T__T

Friday, March 6, 2009

Jailhouse Rock

On 13 February 2009, I organized an event for college assignment, well, not me alone of course but together with my classmates. It was fun and stressful but not worth going. Thanks adleezan, fatin, raeesa, ali, kyrue and yas for coming. I know its not worth your RM50 but thanks for supporting me and because of you guys and of course my hard work, I managed to get full marks for this subject.

I know I'm surpose to post about recipes so here goes.


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 1 1/4 cups heavy cream ( if you can't get any just sub 1cup whipped cream with 1tbsp butter)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 455g mascarpone cheese ( I know they're expensive, use cream cheese for cheaper alternative)
  • 1/4 cup strong brewed coffee
  • 2 packages of ladyfinger cookies
  • cocoa powder
  1. Whisk together egg yolks and sugar in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Place it over a bain marie and continuosly whisk while adding milk. Make sure to whisk non stop as you do not want to cook the egg. Whisk until the mixture creates a ribbon trail when you lift the whisk up. Chill the mixture.
  2. In another bowl, beat the cream with vanilla until stiff peaks form.
  3. Whisk mascarpone cheese into yolk mixture.Mix in the cream mixture.
  4. Drizzle ladyfinger with the coffee.
  5. Arrange coffee soaked ladyfingers in the cake pan. Layer tiramisu with ladyfinger cookies and cream. Chill overnight in fridge overnight. Sprinkle the top with cocoa powder and serve cold.

Some say tiramisu is hard to make. Well this is a recipe for a beginner,like myself. It is simple, easy and most importantly, taste great. Let tiramisu sit overnight so that it sets. My family and friends love it and finished it in a day! Try it yourself today.


ok, im going to start blogging again! I have so many things to write now but first things first, I found the picture of the sudoku cake I made for Fatin.

Secondly, I went to Jason Mraz's concert. That's right and it was the awesomest concert ever..actually, this is my first concert. I'm such a concert virgin but not anymore. I had to stand the whole 3hours. Luckily his performance was awesome. His voice was great, even better than what you hear from his albums. Pendek cerita, AWESOME! Padan muka Fatin Johanna bt. Ahmad Shariffudin!! haha.

Thirdly, I have fishes! Actually, I had 3 fishes, all died. I just got new ones. Two new RM2 fishes.

Forthly, I'll be going to Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers for my industrial trainning starting this April. And planning to go to Koh Phangan after my trainning which will be in June but I haven't send in my proposal yet.

Fifthly, I made some cookies and brownies to sell during the Youth2009 and the responce was overwhelming. Sold out cookies and brownies in no time. I bought a new ELBA oven.43L. Now i can bake more in less time. Baked some tiramisu, more honeystar cookies, more pecan nut cookies, more blondie brownies, more macadamia cookies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Im soooo lazy!

Happy Birthday fatin.(26/01/2009)

Shit....i lost the picture of the birthday cake i made for her.
Its a square chocolate cake decorated like a sudoku.