Monday, May 11, 2009

And so I thought

What happens after the Concierge Department?
After 3 weeks standing behind the Concierge Desk serving guests, it was boring and tiring for my feet. So when the end of 3weeks, I thought hooray! no more boring days, no more standing and smiling like an idiot.

I thought working at Cafe Lounge will be fun since I'll be taking orders, serving drinks,making drinks, sending bills just like when at Pizza Uno. But OT(Oh Tuhanku,taken from Aku Tak Peduli), it is even worse compared to Concierge Department. Working at the lounge is the boring-est job ever! not only i have to stand there smiling like an idiot, i can't do anything else! Because of recession, there isn't much guest around, so there's nothing to do. But when the GM pass by or lepak there, i have to pretend im doing something.

Plus, I have to wear an over oversized uniform since they do not have anything smaller. So basicly im like a small girl in big daddy's shirt hanging around the lounge pretending to be busy. How bad is that? VERY!

I do not have any pictures to show but gawd how much i miss the concierge least i can go online or text my boyfriend whenever im bored. damn damn damn. two weeks passed, now im one last week to go! After that ill be heading to the Housekeeping Department and Business Centre Department.

Other than that, theres nothing much to report on. Only that during Shook's birthday, I drank tequila shots! Im so proud of myself....It was my first shot in my entire life.teehee.*culture shock*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Giveaway Contest!!
Closing Date : 8th May 2009

Alice Wonders came up with this great idea, a pursehook!
What is it all about?
Have you face a problem of not knowing where to place your purse when dining out?
Well, heres the answer to all your problem!
Just hook it on the table! Now here's a space saving, comfortable solution. Plus, you wont ever forgot to get your purse after you've done your eating! Totally awesome!
And........comes in 10 different design!

Theres also another promotion going on
The Mother's Day Promotion
Get a bag from Alice Wonders, and get a pursehook totally FOC!!
Promotion ends 31st May 2009
Now here's one reason to get a new bag, and perhaps a bag for your mom too!

For more info, check out Diary Of An E-Shopaholic!