Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plentiful 5 months

updates! updates!
Now it's about time!

1. Now in my final term! one more month till my graduation!
2. My phone is giving me trouble again.
3. My grandma passed away. :(
4. I'm going to Sabah in July!
5. Raeesa dumped her boyfriend.
6. Raeesa got a new arrival.
7. My sister refuse to get me an ice cream maker.
8. Made a 2 tier cake for mother's day.
9. Made some french vanilla ice cream.
10. Made more cinnamon rolls.
11. My boyfriend got the first pay check from his new company.
12. Discover The Lonely Island.
13. Planned birthday party for my boyfriend. Got free tequila,whisky and wine!
14. Wishing for a blackberry bold 2. *hint hint*
15. Sister is coming back for summer break.
16. Refurnish my room.
17. Got myself a new shades.
18. Stressed over unfinished report that's due next week.
19. Hoping for miracles to take place.
20. Hopping to get rid of forever-increasing-fats in a blink of an eye.
That's all for now, i suppose.
See you in another 5months.haha