Friday, January 8, 2010

أبو ظبي دبيّ

I shall summarize my whole trip to Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
I spent my remaining week of 2009 in the U.A.E.

Day 1In Air Asia X. 1 not for 1malaysia but for the 1st time me and my brother get to travel outside Malaysia.
Just touchdown. They have camel in the airport!

Day 2
At my daddy's villa. At the balcony.Went to Marina Mall at noon.Pakistani food on the first chilly night. Felt in love with hummus.

Day 3

Souk Madinat JumeirahMall of The Emirates

Burj Al Arab

Day 4

Heritage VillageCycling at the Corniche
3 more days to my Rihanna babeh!!

Day 5
Love in The Palm
Atlantis QueenBurj Dubai & tiny insignificant buildings

Day 6

Dune Jumping!!Sunset at the duneBelly dancing in the night

Day 7

You all know what happens next ;-)