Monday, December 22, 2008

4 good news in a post?

Good News #1
we won! we won!
here's our hiv/aids advertisement

Do watch and leave your comments!
Here's our prize as winner beside getting full marks for the assignment!

That is me and Irene(indonesian girl menyibuk) at the steamboat restaurant celebrating our victory. Other group did very well but of course, not as good as ours! mwahahahahaha!!
you can check them out at and search under " "

Good News #2

For thinking skills class, we had to come up with a marketting plan to promote the good ol' GOOD MORNING TOWEL and we got first place as well!! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Good News #3

My term 2 examination just ended! so...i get the whole two weeks holiday.
I have already started a 1000 piece mona lisa puzzle and baked a chocolate cake today!

Doesn't look tempting here cause of the weird bump on the right side and the flash but!!
it sure does taste good! Its not soo sweet but is still a threat to your weight. T_T
I'll be learning knitting this holiday! Thanks to my grandmother, i have stacks of books on knitting and not to forget the hundreds of knitting needles! After this, ill be wearing scarf knitted by...yours,truly.

Good News #4

Now....jeng jeng jeng...Good news number 4....geez, i've forgotten...really.being so excited about good news above, i've actually forgotten good news it about mona lisa puzzle?
oh well, will get back once i've for now, only time will tell when i'll actually remember..

Sunday, December 7, 2008


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