Monday, April 13, 2009

More to come

As usual, due to my lack of updates many things happened. Since i sprained my ankle, i did not do much that week. So i practically wasted my whole holiday week by lying around here and there, crawling around the house.

On the 4th and 5th of April, i went to watch F1 in Sepang. Got free tickets from I got the Hillstand ticket but hey, better than nothing right. My spot was the area that banyak accident are fond to happen and true enough I witnessed an accident! YAY! I do not have pictures from the F1 now but will update soon! After the f1 thing ( the race ended early due to heavy rain), jamiroquai performed but sadly i went back early cause it was raining heavily and it was all muddy and sticky. People said the concert was awesome. Wished i stayed longer..

Secondly, I started my industrial training already in Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers. Why Sheraton? Well, simply because im Sharon and my name rhymes Sheraton! I will be at the concierge desk for the first three week. Im on my second week now.
In Sheraton, we have hairstyles rules. I have to tie my hair in a french twist! Gile ke ape...rambut i da la tebal, lembut and berat! (bukan nak puji diri-sendiri tetapi itulah hakikatnye) Macam mane I nk ikat rambut camtuh tiap-tiap hari?! Fatin did my hair on the first day just to show me how to do it right. She used about 30 bobby pins and a bottle of hair spray just so my hair won't fall!

It was pretty and awesome!! but i can't afford to tie my hair like that everyday! Rosak rambut i..
Penat tahu tak nak kene berdiri macam orang bodoh dan senyum seorang-seorang!

This is my view every single night.

During the night, things can get really really slow but thank god for great performance by angelique! They do really cheer me up especially the shemale dancing to Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls! I can't seems to find their picture anywhere online. I'm not surprised. It was awesome when that gigantic shemale do the PCD signature dance.woot woot!

And people! Listen up! Visit SARKAS !
It's a preloved online blogshop from me and my dear friend, Fatin.
And soon, we'll be catering crocs, nike dunk high or low, bags, belts, watches and everthing else way cheaper than it's retail price! They will be 99% authentic. 99% because they won't come with an authenticity card! So if you guys see anything out there that you can't seems to find in Malaysia or can't afford their price or refuse to spend that much, look for me!

That's all from me today! Will try to update more soon!