Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I so need a checklist or I'll end up bringing my whole room..no, not enough space. I'll bring my whole house. Or I'll end up bringing everything that's not important and nothing that is important. Gosh, why can't they just move the whole resort here to subang.

1. Kitchen jacket
2. Kitchen shoe
3. Court shoe
4. a pair of heels (gray gladiator heels)
5. 2 Black working pants
6. black sandal (wearing)
7. black shorts
8. gray shorts
9. new silk pajamas (maybe)
10. leo shirt (as pajamas)
11. smk usj13(as pajamas)
12. levi's shorts
13. green polo
14. miss selfridge dress
15. gray top
16. brown sweater
17. sg wang jeans (wearing)
18. college shirt
19. pail
20. laptop
21. computer games (duh)
22. bolster
23. pillow
24. small pillow
25. blanket
27. make up
28. watch
29. sun block
30. soap
31. pencuci baju
32. bathroom amenities (consist of lots of things)
33. turquoise spaghetti strap
34. puma cap
35. PSR report format
36. phone charger
37. brush
38. hair brush
39. white spaghetti
40. blue spaghetti
41. suksek jersey
42. kitshen top
43. dark blue top
44. leggings
45. yellow bf top
46. black,white and bronze headband
47. red tshirt (as pajamas)
48. air freshener
49. panadol
50. undergarments (duh)
51. shades

this should be all. I seriously can't afford to add more stuff. It's a good thing I'll be going there in a car. I can't imagine how it'll be if I were to go there by bus or train! Imagine me carrying at least to bag, a pail and pillows and blankets.

Oh!! I forgot..
52. bath towel

what else..what else...this should be it. anymore, i'll simply ask my mom to pos laju everything.


Suet Li said...

aiya towel and shampoo all can buy there wht! u going how long ar?

Suet Li said...

eh ok nvm i saw your previous post edi! 3 months so long T_T

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hi Hi....dropping by from Suet Li blog...

BTW, where are you going ler? :)

Suet said...

elaine : going to batu ferringhi penang.

Suet Li : aiyo, save money ma...buy so many things mehh